Insights and Advice for developing ICT Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

日 期: 2016.04.16

時 間: 2:00pm -4:00pm

地 點:香港高等科技教育學院 Thei,LT 5,青衣路20A號(IVE青衣分校旁邊)

簡 介

HKGD很著重遊戲開發的新力軍,致力為學界與業界之配對工作,期望學生們能夠追隨理想,踏進社會,保守熱誠,持續學習…為遊戲行業創新突破意想不到的作品。 很感謝校方以及同業的支持,大家為遊戲業的付出,對新力軍的指引,教導,傳承.... 使遊戲開發群日趨強壯﹗ 祝願各位應屆畢業生錦鏽前程﹗

詳細資料 ︰

The Seminar is a networking platform for industrial game software companies and IVE IT graduates with specialism in game development and software engineering to explore the opportunities of job recruitment and industrial attachment in this summer. Through the speaker’s sharing, the participants can get the insights and advice for developing ICT Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. No entry fee is required for students.

當日安排 ︰

13:45 Register

14:00 Chairman Speech by Ken Chan

14:10 Topic 1 : “Alibaba Internship Program & Entrepreneurs Fund in HK” by Cindy CHOW

14:50 Topic 2 : “Project Development in Genesis Spirits”by Long Law

15:30 Topic 3: “Unlimited Creativity with Game Software Development” by Dr. Andy Lai

15:40 Project Demo: Outstanding Final Year Projects by IVE Graduates